Valley Safety Services Associates, Inc

General Information

In the United States, Federal and State laws specify that radioactive testing equipment that contain radioactive sealed sources must be tested every six months to verify that the source is not leaking. Valley Safety Services, Inc., among a handful of other companies, performs this testing service. In addition to analyzing sealed source wipes, we also perform analysis for contamination found in area wipes.

The standard VSSA price for a leak test analysis is $45.00 and can be paid by check or credit card (MasterCard or VISA only). The $45.00 charge is for the analysis, not the kit, therefore, you will not be charged until the analysis is performed.  However, in order to expedite the analysis, we ask that you include some form of payment (check / credit card number / purchase order) when you return the kit to us for analysis. Each kit contains instructions on taking a wipe, a blank certificate, and a cotton swab inside a Zip-Lock bag. If your machine contains an Fe-55 source, then a small filter paper will be folded around the swab. Also included with each kit will be an invoice for the analysis and a standard VSSA cover letter. Please note that these forms are available for viewing and downloading below as well as from the Table of Contents frame to the left.

In order to send out a leak test kit to you, we require the following information:

  • Your company's / organization's name
  • The address where the kit should be sent
  • The name of the person who the kit should be sent to
  • That person’s phone number
  • The address where the invoice should be sent to (if different from shipping)
  • The number and type of source(s) the machine contains

The kits are sent via the US Postal Service and will therefore arrive accordingly (remember that we are located in Western Massachusetts).

To request a kit please call 413-323-9571.


Leak Test Certificate
Leak Test Kit Instructions
Cover Letter sent with kits